EDULEN School Erp is a product by Afra Techno Solutions for School Management System. In this type of application you can manage your school details online where every bod can see the students strength, can maintain attendence online, can upload materials.

What You Can Get in Application

This type of service includes Updating Attendence, Maintaining Students Details, Fee Structure and other necessary services needed by the client.

What Your Can Get From Us

The clients would get best designs under latest technologies in cheaper rates. The site will have database connection for Information maintainance under a server. So, you does not need to feel tense in this digital world as you can save your data in a virtual place.

Our Team Is Our Strength

Edulen Have Good Team to work for our Clients, we believe in the sentence 'Clients Are The Real Gods For Companies'. So, we work for this and it is our motto.

We Have High Success Rate Till Now

Till Now we got 100% success rate, Edulen Team works smart to complete our project. This dragged us to see happyness in our clients. We believe to work for clients.


  • We Maintain Database

    The attendence, records updated by your teachers, employees will be maintained safely under a server. The student records includes the name, id no, address and other details. This helps your oranisation run safely.

  • Re-Design The Site If Needed

    We work for our clients, if they are not satisfied with the present design we are ready to change the layout with required changes. This is only for clients who have taken plan for more than 6 months.

  • Sends Email Alerts

    The Team EDULEN works for better answers to your students, teachers we will send email alerts when ever there is an update in the ERP.


  • Maintain School Information Online

    The School information is maintainanced by this application at every time. This will save the burden of the clerks and save the secret information of the school.

  • Display School Timings

    This site will let the user know the timings of the school.

  • Sends Email Alerts

    The Team EDULEN works for better answers to your students, teachers we will send email alerts when ever there is an update in the ERP.

  • Students Records

    The site will display the strength of the school with all the classes. This will also intinate the users about the rating of the school.

  • Teacher Updates Records

    The Teachers will update the Attendence, Material, Announcements, etc through online if any are there. So, the students cant missout the work given.

  • Cleaning Section

    Cleaning Section works can be given through online by the administrators at any time, such that the workers can go to work immediately after reaching the school. They will get the SMS to their mobile number.

  • Gardening

    One of the beautiful thing is maintaining the garden very beautiful. This work also can be given to the workers by a scheduler module in the application.

  • Holidays

    The admin can declare holidays at immediate times, like as bandhs, special holidays, etc. The students can get this update via an SMS also.

  • Change Classes

    If there is any change in the class room for particular days the authorities can just update in the site under Updates Module. Such that there will be no confusion for the Students, Teachers,etc.

  • Teachers Gallery

    The Admin have an option to show their school teachers at gallery of teachers. This is a special feature available to all the users of the application. This also rises up your school goodwill in the society.

  • Invoice

    Get the invoice for every material purchased for the school development, students knowledge,etc. This will be saved under an Equipment Module.

  • Library

    This module helps the admins to get aware of how many students being using library, how many volumes are there, how many need to buy based upon issue rates to the students, and also get the fines paid by the book takers.

  • Annuvarsary Gallery

    This site will have annuvarsary details which were held at school every year. The videos, pics, awards,etc can be updated here.

  • Students Awards

    The medals, awards got by students will be maintained in this module for their reference and school goodwill.

  • Maintainance Reports

    The school maintainance reports can be maintained by the admin. The users also can see the investment by the authorities on the school development.

  • Fianacial Statement

    School Authorities can get the financial statement for every month, quarterly, etc for maintainance purpose.

  • Students Performance

    Class wise and section wise performance reports can be taken by the admin, teachers, students for their further refernce. The school academics will be improved with these reports.

  • Fines List

    The fines paid by the students list can be seen in this module.

  • Teacher Attendence

    The bio-metric system placed in the school will be connected to the server via this application, such that the admin can see the staff punctuality.

  • School Information

    The school information like as Address, Strength, Playground, Garden, Class Strength, etc will be displayed in this section.

  • School Sports Days

    The school sports days will be having details of games held and being held in the sports fests, playgrounds, etc.

  • Playground Information

    This section will have all the game courts, playgrounds, play strength and other games information and timings of playing games.

Pricing List

  • For 1 Month
  • This is just a Trail Version.
  • Includes all the modules.
  • Can Update Students Records.
  • Doesnot Send SMS Alerts.
  • Rectify Errors.
  • Price ₹1,000 .
  • Buy Now !!.
  • For 3 Months
  • This is Full Version.
  • Includes all the modules.
  • Can Update Students Records.
  • Will send SMS Alerts.
  • Maintain Database Errors.
  • Rectify Site Errors.
  • Price ₹6,000 .
  • Buy Now !!.
  • For 6 Months
  • This is Full Version.
  • Site will be re-designed once if needed.
  • Includes all the modules..
  • Can Update Students Records..
  • Send SMS & EMAIl Alerts..
  • Rectify Errors in Database, Site..
  • Price ₹15,000 .
  • Buy Now !!.
  • For 1 Year
  • This is Complete Version.
  • Site Will Be Re-Design if needed by the client.
  • Includes all the modules.
  • Can Update Every Records.
  • Sends EMAIL,SMS Alerts.
  • Rectify Errors.
  • Extra Features can be added.
  • Maintain Database For Free.
  • Price ₹25,000 .
  • Buy Now !!.



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